One small problem with that - under no load a torsen counter rotates the output shafts when the input is turned (same as an open diff).  An LSD both rotate in the same direction (as in both outputs rotate as if driving the car forward) even with no load on the diff (unless it's completely shagged).
Easiest way to tell Suze is to get the axle code off the chassis plate of the donor car and look it up here:
If it's not listed on that page then it's Torsen.
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That looks like a TORSEN(tm) diff allright - the worm gears on the diff carrier are a giveaway.  And not being able to turn the wheels independently when turning the wheels.  Those worm gears effectively lock the two half shafts together.  You *might* be able to slow down one of the wheels if you turn the prop shaft instead.
You Lucky Bugger.

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ok here goes
i have a diff which is definitely lsd buttttttttttt both cv's run the same way and u "cannot" stop one turning.  No it's not welded or else they're the most magnificent invisible welds i've ever seen.  Now it doesn't appear that it's a torson (in a way) coz the cog wheel thingy is no where near the size of John's one (Type R Supra) but heres a few links to some pics i took of it, i would appreciate any enlightenment on this diff :)
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