Slushbox = auto in my experience! Synonymous! I'm in a position here where I can vouch for how much of a HEAP OF CRAP any auto box is, with particular reference to Supras. I have a 5sp GA-70 turbo, and have driven an automatic GA-70 turbo, same spec, same diff, different colour ;) and it was SLOW! Being honest, it didn't excite me, and at the time, I owned a Honda. That says it all. Then there is the fact that my MKII was an automatic, and after blowing not one, but TWO autoboxes (without a high degree of abuse) I swapped a w58 in. I had lost my faith in the 5M-GE's power, but after experiencing the same engine with a manual, there's NO comparison! NONE! Even after driving, one after the other, auto and manual MA70 turbos, there's no comparison. OK so in a manual you may lose a BIT of boost when you change gears, and unless your a flatshifter (I know there are some of you out there..I can hear it ;) you have to back the throttle off too, but I agree with Cully, I don't let a computer/set of valves and actuators steer the car, so why the hell should I let someone else shift?
Just on the subject of diffs though, my plate says its a G254. When I bought the car Al said it had a slipper, but it's evidently a single spinner (playin round in a carpark proved that before I looked at helene and matti's codes). I want a limited slip with a similar/same ratio. Anyone know where I can get one, and how much?
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ok well mine is a manual so dont know what an auto 1G is like but after
driving johns...errrr i mean going for a ride in johns (i have never taken
your car out really!!!) i've cahnged my view on long as they
aren't slush boxes and there is power behind them
Cully the driving you just described sounds like how most seem to drive in
supras on the road hahah....altho for those unforunate enough without 5 cogs
they most likely cant relate  ;-)

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> > autos are good if in ok condition and like you said are not "slush
> > God for DYO times at meremere and good for constant power, ie. no
> > changing....
> Yawn yawn yawn yawn, and I say it again, ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz......  Do you guys
> hate driving that much that you try to remove any possibility of making
> car do exactly what you want when you want?  Have you never experienced
> job of barreling into a hairpin corner and deliberately chopping down a
> to stick the back end out and scare the hell out of oncoming traffic?
> you never yearned to hold 2nd gear as you pile on the brakes from 100kph
> just so you can hear the symphony of noise from the carbs popping and
> banging as you decelerate?
> Ok, so that last one doesn't work so well in a Supra, but I can still
> deliberate exhaust popping if I'm careful.
> Cully
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