John my dad wants you to wind your boost down to the same as his.....9-10psi and race him.....his being a manual 7m.....
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From: Peter O
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Subject: [sconz] RE: Autos ??

Sounds convincing & even impressive.
What Km's have you on the auto trannie to date & is it a 4 spd ?
I'll put a small wager you would clean up an equally powered manual on a drag strip.
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Hi i dont think there is eny thing wrong with autos im pushing 289kw and 1100 nm of torque and been down the track over 200 times and still going strong i would be glad for a mk3 manual challenge.

>From: Peter O
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>To: "Supra Club of NZ Mailing List"
>Subject: [sconz] RE: Autos ??
>Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 17:03:01 +1200
>Would I be about right in estimating about 60% of all Supras are
>Hell I gather the bulk of all 4WDs now built are also autos.
>I think this is a trend speeded by much improved autos & ever growing
>global traffic congestion.
>I for one could never return to manual, because I need to stay sane in
>rush hour Auckland traffic.
>Seems to me that for members of Supra Club to put auto drivers down
>even as friendly taunts neglects the fact that most still want max
>power & need good quality info about selection/fitting of available
>autos. Also how to get best life & snappy performance.
>I seem to recall one member has an Jag XKS V12 Auto & has posted some
>quality info on how to set up autos for best clutch life. Surely we
>need more of this?
>Just my observations.
>Supra Club of New Zealand

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