You may have already answered but what single turbos do you think are sufficiently reliable long term for 14 psi boost & are reasonably priced & manageable from a fitting perspective.
Is a Garret turbo an option I hear they are generally very good?
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It's possible, but CT12As are expensive, difficult to find, and unreliable.  A good single turbo conversion will be cheaper and more bang for buck.
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Hey all,
After a little info really.....
As most will notice the CT-12 turbos off a 1G-GTE are about as small as you can get and I noticed that the 1JZ turbos are of a good size.....for a 2L I think Cully mentioned something about this before and that the CT-12's and the CT12A's have almost nothing in common and are a different turbo all together....BUT.... what i'm wondering is, is it possible without 100's of hours off effort....possible to get the CT-12A's off a 1JZ onto my engine? and NO I DON'T want to go single turbo conversion!! ;-)
Or maybe not a 1JZ turbo conversion but some sort of twin turbo set up that is bigger that the std 1G setup and of around the same size as the 1JZ
Thanks guys

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