Got one on my 1G also, was using Blitz Type 3 or 4, venting to atmo. Response after gearshift was slow and turbos spooled down REAL quick. Plumbed blitz valve back to air bypass hose and it got better, the car was more driveable, when Blitz piston wore right out fitted bosch BOV plumbed back, like driving a new car! One thing I noticed though, with the blitz valve there was very little occasional compressor stall, with the bosch, it's very noticeable. Used to get a Pshh psh psh now I get a pshhhhh tss tss tss tss tss tss. Can't understand this...
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I got one on my 1JZ, love it. (venting to atmosphere :-) cost about $80 from my local auto-electrican in Henderson. Any auto sparky shoulf be able to get it from the Bosch importer. Real Stealthy, fitted in place of the factory one which gave up. Used Mini radiator hose to plumb in, fittings about 1 1/4 in or so. 
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