I was worried of shunting you up your rear bumper so I backed off ;-)
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Lag thats why you got left behind this morrning i thourt you was going to sleep lol

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>To: "Supra Club of NZ Mailing List" <sconz@list.supras.org.nz>
>Subject: Re: [sconz] why not use a fuel cut defender?
>Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:09:47 +1200
> > To be perfectly honest, Im no expert but I think that you really need to
> > match a turbo setup with the abilities of the motor,  You can certainly
> > too big a turbo on where the lag is so large the power band for general
> > driving becomes rediculously small.
>I have quite a bit of lag - if I idle off in first on a flat road and boot
>it from idle I will not get to max boost till just after 5,000rpm - where-as
>3rd gear I can get max boost at just before 4,000rpm - 2nd gear wont do this
>as it revs up before the boost can get there
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