You can only swap the diff internals into the turbo model differentials.  The 1G, 1JZ non turbo models run  smaller diff with smaller axles, so you’ll want to find an F series 7” (Altezza being the easiest) centre to install, however the LSD stub axles are also longer so easier to get the whole unit.


Only the Tourer V models and the 2JZ-GE powered JZX90/100 come with the larger 8” differentials which will accept the standard G-series centre.





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  Mate of a friend of a bloke’s neighbour’s cat’s auntie’s lawyer is looking for a diff for a JZX90 Chaser, but wants a beefed up one as compared to the non-turbo one he already has.  I believe you can swap MA70 LSD internals into the JZX housings – anyone got one lying around?






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