Thanks for that.

I don't have ABS. I have access to a press. I got a quote from Auckland Bearings for $190+gst and about the same from Toyota NZ for one bearing - bloody hell. That seems a bit ridiculous. 

Does anyone have any contacts who can get them cheaper?

Ebay has them for $55 + shipping - which for 2 still works out way cheaper than one locally! 

I'd rather buy locally though as I'd like to get the car going in the next week or so....

On 10 December 2013 07:13, Dennis de Jong <> wrote:

Just my two cents. Spinning the bearing in the hub without the wheel etc. you should be able to feel roughness from inside the bearing, at least from my experience with smaller bearings, I guess the same rules apply for larger bearings.
I tried to remove a bearing from a hub in my Corolla and snapped off the ABS sensor wheel in the process (it's brittle), but I'm clumsy and not sure what the Supra system looks like... If it is the bearing I'd either get a new hub or pay someone to press the bearing out and back in, would have saved me a lot of drama.

On 9/12/2013 10:15 AM, "Hunt M" <> wrote:
Hey all

I've noticed a grinding type sound coming from the left side of my car. I thought it was the back left, but yesterday after a long drive it got really bad (actually made me nervous) and sounded like it was coming from the front left.

I jacked the side of the car up and noticed there was a movement (not much - but it's there....) in the left rear wheel when I held it at 9 and 3. And a very small amount when I held the wheel at 12 and 6. There was no weird noises when I had the car on axel stands and spun the tyres to 60kmph. Perhaps it needs to have some load on the bearing?

The front wheel didn't seem to have any at all - which is odd as myself and my passenger were both convinced that it was definitely coming from the front.

What's the best way to test a wheel bearing other than the wiggle test?

And is it worth my time pressing out and in a new bearing, or just finding another complete hub?


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