I will be there booked this into my calender. Sounds like will be an awesome day out. Maybe an idea to post it on the NZ supra facebook page as well if you are after more numbers. 


From: jshannon55@hotmail.com
To: sconz@list.supras.org.nz
Subject: [sconz] Supra day out
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2014 10:08:05 +1300

I am thinking of doing a supra day out meet, looking at dyno in the morning and bbq in the afternoon with a supra cruise in the evening,
I am looking at the 8th March the dyno power runs will be at MCR and will cost $65 a car, the bbq will be at Long Bay beach and the supra cruise can be anywhere,
if your keen let us now, so I can have numbers for the dyno.

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