Fluke. Fluke fluke fluke fluke fluke. (Fluke). Robust. Get at least true RMS meter with if you're coming down this hole ;)  If a meter is capable of true rms ac it's usually a fairly well designed meter.
If you're just measuring dinky ssr's and led's just buy a cheap ac averaging digitech, but, if you ever plan to drop it, drown it, expose it to V or I beyond it's rated maxima, dump giant caps into it accidentally, or actually need to accurately measure an ac voltage or current, and all the other things the electronics engineer does either deliberately or otherwise along the way, get a fluke true RMS meter. You will not regret paying extra for a fluke. Period.
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Subject: [sconz] Multimeter, which to buy?

Not quite supra related but it will be getting used on the supra :p

I'm after a multimeter to replace my faulty one. I need to be able to measure capacitors and led's. Most meters i've used seem to do rectifying diodes but not leds :/ and my old old meter the farad section appears to just be broken, doesn't read a thing.

Anyone have any recommendations?


7M POWAH! ;)
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