Yes: Porsche.  911 engines are dry sump and they (at least the early turbo engines – I can’t vouch for the newer ones) have their turbo drains below the level of the oil pan.  They use a line from the scavenge side of the dry sump pump which goes up over the engine from the oil drain.


Scavenging your crankcase is a good thing though.  It solves a number of things such as oil sticking to your crank, leaks, unwanted build up of residue in other parts of the engine, and so on.




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Has anyone ever used an oil scavenge pump on the oil return line from their turbo?

From what I can make out, the smokey problem I had on the dyno and shortly after, was due to a blocked, or partially blocked, PCV system.

While this shouldn't be a fix for a partially blocked PCV system, it seems like a good idea to help keep the oil flowing out of the turbo.

And it would seem you can get them pretty cheap - under $200



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