Have you considered testing the ecu coolant temp sensor and checking/replacing ECU capacitors?

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On 9/03/2016 9:07 PM, "Eugene"  wrote:
> Hi,
> Been a really long time since i've been on this thread.
> My 7m has decided to play up since i've neglected it in the garage for a long time. Potentially blown gearbox after two hard drives from being rebuilt or the diff has finally given up the ghost.
> However this is not my concern. The engine has gone from running fine to running rough. It was starting fine from cold and once it got warm it would almost un-tune itself and become un-driveable. I have put fresh race gas in. Pulled the plugs out, cleaned all the earth points etc(has an old link plus). It ran fine for over an hour no issue. Then I went to take it for a drive last week and it is back to square one. It started off rough this time I turned it over and then decided to run fine again for 20mins again only to return to running rough.
> Any ideas? Faulty TPS? Faulty coils? Any common issues?
> Any experience with this fault would be great.
> Many thanks Eugene
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