A 1600km drive for me eh?  Ive been wanting to do a drive up north  for a while now.....  If the car will make it :p

Ill be interested to see if/when it might be,  depending on what time of year id like to go for sure,  could hassle Scott with the Southern supra ones too see if anyone there might be keen!

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Subject: [sconz] Suprafest 2020
Hey all,

Let's see how many are actually still on this list.

What interest is there in a Suprafest 2020?
The usual cruise, drags, motorkhana, show & shine and of course a dyno day.

I have some contacts at Meremere so shouldn't be an issue getting a good rate to use the track for the drags and motorhkana.

If we don't get enough interested parties - I'm sure there are other car clubs we could ask to join.


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