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2004-07-19 11:11:00 @#%#ing viruses.... Cully Paterson
2004-05-31 10:11:00 RE: [sconz] Wänkers of the world Cully Paterson
2004-07-14 08:44:00 1990 3.0 Turbo manual for sale on TradeMe... Cully Paterson
2004-02-10 11:23:00 1JZ turbo steel shaft conversion Cully Paterson
2009-02-02 10:13:00 2JZ downpipe question Cully Paterson
2004-05-18 10:51:00 5M crank scraper available Cully Paterson
2006-08-18 17:32:00 7M block needed... Cully Paterson
2004-10-13 11:54:00 7M head tool available cheap Cully Paterson
2007-05-23 10:07:00 7M oiling problems, was: RE: Help! Seized 1JZ Cully Paterson
2006-10-14 15:06:00 7M/W5x bell housing wanted Cully Paterson
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