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2012-07-09 14:38:00 RE: Removing paint from interior parts Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2012-03-19 15:31:00 RE: Targa = Cully Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2012-02-09 08:02:00 RE: FS: The time has come to sell. NZ New 7M-GTE Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2011-10-25 11:52:00 RE: 7m crank pulley bolt Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2011-02-25 12:51:00 RE: Members in Christchurch Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2011-02-17 16:46:00 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2010-04-08 14:49:00 RE: Where can I buy this transistor? Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2009-11-25 11:47:00 RE: aerotop tool Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2009-08-21 13:56:00 RE: wtb: r154 abs sensor Peter Nield [DATACOM]
2009-08-19 12:13:00 RE: he048 chip/electronic thing in ecu Peter Nield [DATACOM]
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