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Re: [sconz] Re: Your Rights   2003-05-08 14:46:00 <Tony Reeves>

> As of a few years ago, the police can stop your car for a 'random
> check' of your breath alcohol, your license details, and car
> registration.
> Basically, when ever they want.
> Also, of course, they can stop you on suspicion of breaking any law,
> for example having an out of comliance car (looks too low to them, too
> loud, etc, etc..)

True, but one thing worth remembering, although it can be bloody difficult
at the time, you do not have to give any more info than show your driver's
license, your name and your current address.

It may be worth denying any offence, and you do not have to give a reason,
but NEVER, NEVER admit to any wrong doing. Many times a radar "cop" is not
as clean as it should be. If there is a hint of another car around, poor
weather, large roadside objects, you will likely get off with a warning if
you deny speeding. But if you are nice and admit it you will always get a




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