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Re: [sconz] Re: Noise regulations.   2003-05-13 15:38:00 <Tony Reeves>
> On Tue, 13 May 2003 14:56, you wrote:
>> One further comment about all this...

And another.....

We appear to have established that there is a procedure, deemed acceptable
by LTSA, to determine if the performance of an exhaust system is acceptable.
That requires an engine to be revved to about 50% of max. That test
appears to have been used on the woman mentioned in the Herald article.

The law allows a Police officer to extract certain info from you, to search
the car if the officer has reason to believe that certain substances or
tools may be in the vehicle, or in certain clearly stated cases, to tow
and/or impound the vehicle. No law seems to allow a police officer to
operate the vehicle. As a driver, you have to give certain info to the
police and permit a police officer to do the above to the vehicle. No law
seems to require you to obey an instruction from a police officer to rev
your motor - do you see the problem?

Same problem appears to arise if the officer sticks a probe in the vicinity
of the tail pipe and expects the engine to be revved. Furthermore the law
is quite explicit that a person must obey a LAWFUL instruction from the
police. The use of such a test, which is not in compliance with the
Transport Regulations would hardly be considered lawful.




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