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Blown Turbo   2001-08-02 16:37:00 <tony@...>

I pulled my blown turbo out at the weekend. The symptoms were a reduction in
boost, then a siren like sound occassionally over a couple of days. Then no
boost and no turbo whine and then finally much blue smoke.

When I took the turbo out, it still seemed to turn freely and the bearing was
still quite firm (not a lot of sideways clearance). On the compressor side
all seemed OK. But the turbine wheel rotated in an eccentric way, as if the
shaft was bent. There was no sign of any mechanical damage. Any ideas what
would cause this? If the turbine was a bit off balance, could that bend the

In the week before this happened I had upgraded the exhaust (from Standard
MKIII to 2.75", no cat and one muffler). I also tuned up the Link ECU so that
the car was a lot more responsive so the turbo would have been working a bit
harder. Boost is only 10 psi.



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