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Toyota service troubles - warning -rant-   2003-09-10 23:30:00 <Marc Archbold>

Thought I'd share my recent experience with 'professional' mechanics /
service centres.
Apart from the following problem, the Toyota No worries warranty has been
excellent, and to be fair Miles have been good in the past, but IMHO this is
incompetence demonstrated by two separate service centres.

A couple of weeks back en route to Dunedin the JZA70 decided to leak a
significant amout of oil - it had tracked almost all of the underbody.
I left the car with the Dunedin Toyota agent who were initially stumped and
were initially relectant to drop the auto to view the rear main oil seal.
This turned out to be the culprit.
Flew down to Dunedin to pick up the car. It idled a little low but put this
down to a reset ecu.
During the drive home the shift shock was terrible, lockup was noticable and
switching OD caused a terrible surge.

Once in Christchurch arranged for Miles Toyota to inspect the tranny fault
along with the not so nice oil leak manifesting on the transmission case.

Miles could not find either problem. The frontdesk manager explained 'a
good start is to replace the oil sump gasket, i'll have to order that, might
be three weeks ex japan.' And BTW, that'll be $160 for today. For
Even though I had explained myself red that it was a Toyota warranty service
pre and post service, it took explaining there was little chance of driving
it 360Km back to Dunedin for service. I also explained (again, before
service too!) all indications lead to incorrect auto trans throttle setting.
This was the case.
The answer was found here:

Checked the adjustment using above. Way out. Could not correctly adjust,
and a previous 'set/twink' mark was too.
The 1JZ has three throttle cams. Unbelievably, they had connected the
auto's throttle cable to the unused cruise control CAM. Impossible to
adjust the cable, and this cam is not operated by the throttle!

- Marc


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