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Re: Wanted   2003-10-28 19:46:00 <john shannon>

As eny one got a auto for a 1jz for sale

>From: "Rob M"
>Reply-To: "Supra Club of NZ Mailing List"
>To: "Supra Club of NZ Mailing List"
>Subject: [sconz] Changing brake pads
>Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 19:31:49 +1300
>I recently repalced my front pads - with Toyota items $74- and there was a high tensile triangular wires at each end per side that sat inserted into a small whole in each brake pad's steel backing. Couldn't get them back in when replacing the worn pads. They looked like they were keeping the pads correctly positioned & off the disk when not in use.
>Are they neccesary & if so what tool do you use to fit them?
>Rob M
>Supra Club of New Zealand

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