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Re: Fw: Some advice   2001-08-02 16:50:00 <tony@...>

Couple of comments...

> I have a 1990 2.0 Twin turbo.
> Where is the best second hand parts place for the MK III MA70 / 2.0 TT?

That would be a GA70 if it is a 2 litre. Be careful, MA70 (3 litre 7M-G?E)
engine related bits are a lot different.

> Is there any way to get hold of a second hand cheap exhaust front down
> pipe section for the 2.0 twin turbo? Its a manual if that makes any
> diff.
> I am about to do a 3" exhaust on it.

Unless you have spent vast amounts of money on the engine (and why would you
a 1G-GTE) then a 2.5" ehaust will do just as good a job and will be a LOT
easier and cheaper to fit.



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