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RE: Whole heapa questions   2001-08-02 16:52:00 <tony@...>

> Anyway I believe the fabled 20% figure is only if you modify an existing
> engine. If you change the engine to a different type you most definately
> need a low volume cert. Nowadays no warrant place would risk giving a
> warrant for a modified vehicle like that.
> Incidentally, just searched the LTSA website for info on low volume cert
> and regs etc. Not a bloody thing on there beyond saying that they exist.
> Lots of info about how dangerous speedingis though of course...

Most of what you want can only be accessed if you have a userid and password.
Most WoF places have them.

> I think the low volume cert laws are under consideration at the moment
> (Tony?) and it's all rather iffy at the moment. Best option, contact a LV
> certifier and have a chat.

Maybe...... The issue is that it is the WoF garage/testing station that will
fail the vehicle if they think it needs a Mod Cert. If they give you a WoF
after the engine is changed, then you are legal and all is fine, until the next
WoF. And the real problem is that the WoF places are inconsistent, even
testing stations. So you may very well get away with a WoF if the transplant
looks good and tidy but you may be caught in the future. The ONLY sure way is
to front up and get a certificate. It is expensive, but if you are doing most
of the work yourself it will give you much peace of mind. You might also want
to consider any extra work that you may want to do, such as lowering, non
standard rims etc. and get the lot done at once. Then you will not risk the
dreaded red sticker if some stroppy cop decides to ping you.



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