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Worth a read??   2004-04-26 14:21:00 <Hunt M>
Find this - info on detonation etc


(html version)

RE: Worth a read??   2004-04-26 14:50:00 <Cully Paterson>
Interesting, although slightly misleading article. The guy is pretty
much on the ball with the physics of what goes on, but the applications
that he's talking about are totally different from the Japanese engines
that we're graced with.

Think about this: He's crapping on about these wonderful engines making
over 1HP/in^3. That's 61HP/Litre. My car makes 130HP/Litre.

Now if my 7M was actually making 61HP/Litre then Yep, you could probably
get away with detonation for extended periods of time. Throw in forced
induction, high intake temperatures, and at times significantly higher
revs and we're in a totally different ballpark. I have headgaskets to
prove it.....



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Find this - info on detonation etc


Supra Club of New Zealand

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