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Boost time testing..   2004-05-03 23:57:00 <Stuart>
On Sun, 02 May 2004 23:40, Hunt M wrote:
> Actually an interesting test I'd like everyone to do
> >From stopped without launching or anything like that - boot it in first
> > gear
> and watch for when you get to max boost, ie. What rpm
> I'd be really keen to find out the differences between all models, 1G, 7M,
> auto, manual etc etc

Well, didn't check rpm's..
But tonight for my JZA70 auto.

At 100km/h cruise with no throttle in top gear, time to full boost with a
mashed throttle - 0.9 seconds (average of around 10 runs..)

From 0 (standing still) with no 'launch' tricks just mashing throttle, 1.9
seconds (average of 3 runs).

Stuart W.

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