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RE: Cully & co some advice on Cams   2001-08-02 16:55:00 <tony@...>

> Yes, I run one. General advice from my experience goes like this: If
> you're going for a kevlar clutch, make sure it's a full face clutch, not a
> 'spot' set-up. I plumbed for a 4-spot paddle plate, and you do not want to
> be sitting in heavy traffic with it. Full face kevlar is reputed to feel
> pretty much the same as an organic clutch (and according to Richard who has
> one this is true), but give vastly better wear. As for the clamping effect
> - well, I'm inclined to believe that you need to up your clamping force on
> the pressure plate to actually gain anything out of it. I had to have mine
> rebuilt again after the first attempt as the extra coupla hundred pound
> clamping was still not enough to prevent it slipping at full noise, even
> after a very careful run-in period. I ended up with a 2600lb (1.17 tonne)
> pressure plate.
> On the plus side, apart from being a pig at times and definite laughing
> material for me when other people drive my car for the first time, I have
> every confidence that I've come out with a bullet-proof clutch. I say this
> because side stepping from 1st to 2nd at 7000+RPM is no problem at all, with
> *zero* slip. :-)) My tyres hate me of course...

Pleased to hear all that. My new clutch arrived from Auto Clutch last week and
it sounds just like yours. Now all I need for my MKIII manual conversion is to
sort out the driveshaft. I shall probably build one myself. Any ideas on
whether a one piece unit would be better than the stock two piece drive shaft?


> Cheers
> Cully
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