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Re: Clutches..Boost cuts..   2001-08-02 16:56:00 <tony@...>

> Tony, how much did you pay for the clutch and what did you have done to it?
> What was the most expensive part, the pressure plate or the clutch plate?

I got it from Auto Clutch in Auckland. Total cost was $680 delivered to
Christchurch, but I do not have the details with me at the moment (working in
Wellington). I can send the detail to you on Friday, when I am back home.

> Brake and Transmission rebuilt the standard pressure plate for me, they
> seemed to think that would be alright and it was.. my 2 cents :) ALthough
> the Supra is a pull type I think?

With an R154 it is. But I am using a W58 as I could not get all the right
clutch bits for my R154 at the right price. Not sure how the W58 will stand up
to a warmish 7M-GTE, but they are very cheap and readily available. The
general consensus seems to be that they are OK for up to 450 hp but it is the
weight of the MKIII that is the main concern.

> Where is the boost cut on these things. do you get around it?
> Just interested. I think I will be happy with 1 bar but.

I had the idea that boost cut is lower than 1 bar on a 1G-GTE. I used to have
one in my MKII but it did not use a stock ECU.



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