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Fwd: Message Returned   2001-08-02 16:56:00 <tony@...>

> I know I'm not Tony :-)

I know, I have only got through 2 7M head gaskets ;=)

> Not generally easy to safely defeat fuel cut on a 1G. The 7M and JZ have
> plenty of plug in boxes that'll do it by various means, but the 1G doesn't
> seem to have much available (maybe in Japan, but doesn't make it here).
> Bigger injectors and a scaled up AFM would probably be the easiest option.

Is there a larger AFM that fits a 1G? I had a look around a while ago and the
only bigger ones seemed to be the KV ones that will not work on the 1G-GTE
There also did not seem to be many options for larger injectors as well.




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