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RE: Clutches..Boost cuts..   2001-08-02 16:56:00 <tony@...>

> but provided you sort out fuelling as well (at least an adjustable rising
> rate regulator and make sure that your fuel pump is up to it or possible
> extra or larger injectors) and preferably always monitor the mixture with an
> A/F gauge it will be all right.

Increasing available fuel pressure etc. will not help much. The problem is
that when the AFM stops reporting more air flow due to the Fuel Cut Defender
stopping the signal increasing, then the ECU stops increasing the fuel flow so
it leans out. The only reason that these devices work, in part, is that the
Toyota ECU richens the mixture quite a bit on full throttle and so there is a
bit of lattitude. Note that the O2 sensor is ignored by the ecu at full
throttle so you get no compensation from that.

> The map in most (AFM car) ecus is primarily based on airflow as measured by
> the AFM and the seperate boost sensors are used for ignition retardation and
> fuel cuts - so it may not have as much effect as you think (although I
> certainly cannot comment for the 1G-GTE ecu and Cully's cautions are
> entirely valid.).

Toyota's with an AFM use only that to determine mass air flow (at least that
is the cast with the 1G-GTE and the 7M-GTE). The boost pressure sensor only
operates the boost "guage". Ignition control and fuel cut are derived from the
flow through the AFM which is why fuel cut happens at different boost levels,
depending on air density and temp.



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