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Re: Driveshafts.   2001-08-02 16:56:00 <tony@...>

> Cully hit the nail on the head. The reason for the two piece is due to
> greater possibility of sideways movement and vibration due to length. It
> would be cheaper for a manufacturer to make a one piece instead of a two
> piece also. However in these cases of longer cars..(.metal hard'ons
> according to FHM's description of a supra.)..two pieces with a
> reinforcing centre hanger bearing to reduce stress is used.

I can accept that, but the total length of the Supra driveshaft is less than
many one piece ones. I have seen this issue debated in several Supra threads
but not seen a definitive answer. And there seem to be some vendors selling so
called high performance one piece drive shafts.

> Two failures I have seen that weren't pretty was a V8 commodore on
> launch..(or should that be lunched?) fully twisted the driveshaft not
> unlike a spring.

And one I was in such a failure a few (quite a few) years ago when a 4.2 litre
Jag engine was fitted to a MK1 Zephyr. It was a great idea, as long as you had
no intention of stopping or turning at speed... Anyway, we were doing about 30
mph and decided to impress the locals on the main street. Put it into second,
wound the motor up to about 6,000 rpm and dropped the clutch. The diff turned
on the springs, popped the sliding joint out of the front of the drive shaft
pressed a second drive shaft tunnel in the floor of the car. The Locals WERE
impressed ;=)

> Don't try to do your driveshaft yourself unless you have a giant lathe,
> balancing gear and an absolute grunter of a welder to handle the heavy
> gauge tube. Do it once, do it right..The supras have too much power to
> be satisfied with substandard equipment.

Agreed, and I have access to such gear, and a balancer.



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