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Valve shims   2004-08-17 11:31:00 <Cully Paterson>
Hi guys,
Someone was asking about shims for doing valve clearances the other day -
I've done a bit of tracing and found the following:
7M and 1G shims are the same as each other, 1JZ shims are different.

7M/1G shims are also found in the following cars/engines:
Starlet with 4E
Corsa/Tercel/Corolla2/Cynos/Raum/Corolla/Sprinter/Caldina/Sera with 4E or 5E
Mark 2/Chaser/Cresta/Crown with 1GFE
Corolla/Levin/Trueno/Sprinter etc series with 4A/4AGZE/4AGE/5A/5AFE
Carina with 3S/4S/5A
Celica/Corona 3SFE/4SFE
Corona with 4A
Camry with 4S
MR2 with 4AG(Z)E
Camry with 1VZFE

JZ is even more complicated:
Altezza/Progres/Crown/Aristo/Mark 2/Chaser/Cresta/Soarer/Origin with 2JZGE
Noah/Carina/Celica/Corona/Caldina/Ipsum/Camry/Rav4/Curren/Corona EXIV with
KlugerV/Windom/Pronard/Estima/Alphard/Harrier/Mark 2/Avalon with 1MZFE/2MZFE
Crown Comfort/Chaser with 4SFE
Hilux Surf/Hilux/Deli/Urban/Dyna150/Toyoace/Regius/Granvia/Grand Hiace/Prado
with 3RZFE
Hilux Surf/Prado/Granvia/Grand Hiace with 5VZFE
Corolla/Levin/Trueno/Spacio/Sprinter/Carib/Corona with 4AFE/5AFE/7AFE
MR2/Celica/Carina/Corona with 3SGE/3SGTE
Supra/Aristo with 2JZGE/2JZGTE
Estima/Lucida with 2TZ
Dyna/Toyoace with 27LPG
Crown/Supra/Chaser/Cresta/mark 2 with 1JZGE/1JZGTE

If you're going to PickAPart to collect shims, then *GET AS MANY AS YOU
CAN*, as there are about 17 different thicknesses varying from 2.5mm to



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