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Re: Oil?   2001-08-02 16:15:00 <tony@...>
Supra Club of New Zealand -

I have just switched from Castrol RS to mobil 1. I have always been a Castrol
fanatic but both Repco and Challenge seem to have stopped stocking Castol RS.
I have not noticed any difference between the two.

And for those follow ups who are suggesting dyno (mineral) oil instead, no way
would I use such oil if you are going to stress your engine. I have been saved
on two occasions when synthetic oil kept the bottom end safe after incredibly
high oil temperatures.

Unfortunately it does not stop BHG :=(



> Hi all,
> I have decided to go for a fully synthetic oil this change, the question is
> which one should I buy. In perticular Castrol RS or Mobile 1.... opinions
> please!
> -MA

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