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Re: Engine mounts   2001-08-02 17:01:00 <tony@...>

> What engine is in the equivalent year 83-85 2.0 celica turbo.

NZ new was the R series, ex Jap was S or T, I think.

> Can the 7M
> be put into this car?

With great difficulty. It would be a major effort. Some have fitted 1G-GTEs
which are a little shorter and quite a bit lighter.

> I know of one that is in great shape body wise
> which I might pursue if it has same engine mount locations as 5mge. Also
> would one of these have a w58 or different?

Engine mounts are way different, I looked at such a job myself once. Note
that the front crossmember in the MKII Celica varys depending on engine fitted
because their engine mounts are different. They will either have a W55/7
gearbox or a T series one, which I think is a POS.



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