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Re: Let me rephrase   2001-08-02 17:01:00 <tony@...>

Correct me if I am wrong, but please provide a reference if possible but....

The 1G, or any other 6 cyl engine was never fitted as standard, to a Celica
(And I do not mean the Celica XX which is a MKII Supra)
The 1G-GTE was never fitted as standard, to the MKII Supra (the 1G-GEU was, in
Japan only)

> Does the 1ggeu celica have pretty much same features as the 2.8 supra?

I have owned both. I loved the way that the 1G-GEU pulled smoothly from 2,000
rpm up to 7800 rpm. It was like a turbine and with a low diff it went quite
well. The 2.8 had more low end grunt and was easier to drive, but not as nice
in my opinion.



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