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you know you're a mkiii owner when...   2004-12-25 13:04:00 <Suze>
probly been done before but here it is again.. good for a laugh ;)

you know your a mkiii owner, when you eat hotdogs and beans with rice,
because thats all thats left it in the house.

you know your a mkiii owner, when you have to sell aluminum cans to pay for gas.

when you start to say supra insted of sup (sort for saying whats up)

when you start to name pets after your car or parts

you know your a mkiii owner when the car is on jack stands more than
its on the road.

" " when you have 10 quarts of oil in your backseat to make it home from work.

" " when BHG becomes a household term

people in your car get uneasy when the see the gas light go on and off
but you're not worried one bit.
when people cant find their way out of ur car
You know you're an MKIII owner when over time the money you have spent
on your car could have bought a MKIV!
when you check your over flow bottle more then your oil

when you buy coilovers off ebay instead of fixing your oil leaks

when you search high and low for STOCK part upgrades (89+ spoiler, tails, etc)

when your boost controller costs $5

when you have to explain that something doesn't work on your car when
someone else drives it

when you can't fit in the back seat

when you try to explain to someone that you don't have an old supra
and that it can be really fast if you wanted it to be

when you use examples of what other people have done as far as power,
as to what yours CAN do

and so on
You know your a mk3 owner when people ask you if its a probe or a celica...
You get wierd looks from other supra owners when you wave.... in your beater car
your mk3 weighs more then a mini van full of kids

When you get the look of disapointment when you say "no not like the one in F&F"
when blowing your headgasket is not a big deal, or you have been
through more major engine problems than oil changes
You'd sell your left nut on the Chinese black market for a set of 89+
JDM taillights, but ricers with $49 Altezzas are "ghey
You buy Khumo Supras just for posterity.
You once received valve shims for your birthday
Your parents don't blink when you mention your "DP" at the dinner table
-your car is down more then its driven.
-everyone at the local autoparts car knows you by your name and what
car you drive
-toyota knows who you are when you call before you mention your name
-and when you mention BHG people say- "Again?"
you can talk in morse code to another mk3 supra owner "yeah i had bhg
in #6 and plan on getting a hks mhg and arp hw to fix it
If you have a giant box of spare parts sitting in your garage
you walk to school in the blizzard so your car can sit in the garage.
you wash your car when its -20 below
Your in great shape from walking from the far end of the parking lot,
to aviod dings
Theres a new engine in your car every year you get it inspected
You always park your car the way you can see it from all angles, and
circle it around everytime you get in and leave
You have a Toyota HG hanging on the wall next to a picture of your Supra
When you stay up real late takin' off, and puttin back on a turbo
cause the oil return line gasket leaked, then start it up and it leaks
worse, so you do it ALL again, till its done right

-When you spend more time looking at your boost gauge then road
if you've ever bothered to wash out a radiator overflow bottle

if you've have weighed your spare tire as if it removing it could help
a 3700 lb car

if you believe tightening valve cover screws is standard maintenance
every oil change

if you know that wiring harnesses are, in fact, a wear item

if you become annoyed at rising dealer parts prices that seem to occur
solely because you car shares its name

if you believe the FnF was the worst possible thing that could have
happenned to the supra community

if you could pay cash for a garage full of MKIVs, but have no desire to do so

if your Toyota parts dealer asks you to dinner......his treat
when something blows up all you do is laugh.
- When you call the local Toyota dealer for parts and they already
include the discout for being such a frequent customer.

- When you have a jack a 10&12mm socket with you at all times for
blown IC pipes.

- When all the wires from the ECU are hanging out because there is
always some piggy back comptuer you have to add

- Parents constantly haggle you to sell the "POS" in the garage or driveway
you drive around for 20 mins. looking for a station with 98 octane
your able to change sparkplugs in 10 mins flat
it takes you longer to go over a speed bump then it does to go down
the quarter mile.(if lowered)
- you know every sound your car makes, and panic stop when it makes
one you don't know...

- you turn the sub off so you can feel the cars vibrations under WOT,
and shift without the tach
You refer to everything in life not modified as "stock".

You know the head size of every bolt in the engine bay and given an
x,y,z coordinate within your engine bay you can name the component
those bolts hold down.

You keep a spare engine, just in case.

Tune-ups involve changing the headgasket.

You buy oil at wally world but wait three weeks to get iridium plugs.

You have a watch with the supra logo on it.

People hear you coming from miles off.

They know how fast you're going.

They know, by comparing how fast you are going and the direction of
the wind how much boost you're running.

You go through more tires than underwear.

You go through more tires than food.

You've opted to put 10gallons in the tank and not eat that eat.

Green instrument clusters are cool.
-you're so paranoid, you look at your oil pressure more than the tach.

-your wife has never caught you looking at another woman but says
'quit admiring it!' when she sees you looking at the front of your car
(happened to me)

-your arms are sore every weekend trying to get the ozidation out of the paint

-you spend most of your time deciding what mod to do next

-you sit in your car when you get where you are going just because you
like to cooldown with it

-you'd rather cook in the sun than put the top on

-you blip the throttle under boost to showoff the blowoff sound to your friends

-you suddenly love working on cars again

-oops, almost forgot, you drive your beater to work 'cause it's raining'

-when you took about 20 min. to compile this hilarious thread into a
word file and you know you're not the only one!
*You get a shower inside your car every time it rains(targa top)

*when someone asks you what you drive you have to include the
sentence......NO not the kind in the F&F

*you spend more time thinking about the parts you havent got and still
want than the ones you already have.

*you debate weather to get a beater car for the times your supra's not
running or just spend the cash on mods.

*no matter how much time/money you spend on it, it'll never be "done"
You stop/park next to a Cavalier/ Sunfire/Neon/Civic and have an
uncontrolable urge to laugh
- You need not worry about hitting a SUV since you know you'll be
doing more dammage then it.

- You glance over the fuel guage after filling up that it's time to
fill up again.

- You boost just because you want to feel boost

- You watch all you're guages more then the road (me)

- You're fingers scream for mercy since you've just accumulated 3
years of cuts in 1 hour of working on the supra.

- You are in a love hate relationship with the supra.

- You don't understand why people think you're crazy for droping every
pay cheque on the supe. Infact you think they are crazy for even
wondering why you are spending money on this fine machine.

- You experiment with all types of paint thinners to raise you're
octaine level so you can run that extra pound of boost.

- FCO is you're ENEMY because boost is you're friend

You kiss the steering wheel after every hard run

You stay up nights worrying when you hear a bothersome sound

You feel only mildly bothered when you suspect that the car is developing a BHG

You don't wax your car for over a year because you think that the old
wax will dull up

You look at shiny MkIV engine bays and yawn
You wonder daily why the F#%K you can't get a pair of cams for less
than a grand, yet the b!tch with a civic DX can get indiglo adjustable
cams gears from any of 28 different companies

While at the gas station, you'd rather chat with the guy in the 92
targa than the hottie in the Mercedes...

90% of the people you now hang out with work: 1. at an autoparts store
2. at a wrecker service 3. at a garage 4. on their own Supras. The
other 10% are just blood relatives that sometimes give you a ride...

you keep the stereo off to hear the turbo spool.
youve owned more than one supra.
you feel you have an instant bond with any other supra driver on the
road and expect them to wave when you drive by.

you're going faster on the on-ramp than the people on the actual
freeway are going

u wonder why u have back seats

u have an 11-17 year old car that has more luxury features than the
2003 lower model honduhs and at 1/4th the price soon as the toyota dealer sees you coming they start up there
computer and fill in your chassisnumber before you enter the building.
When someone asks what kind of car you have, and they
A. Never heard of it
B. Think Supra is a car maker
C. Say, "like the F&F, right?"

in the rain you pull away from stops sideways just cause you can

you follow the 10% rule with the bolts...

you will ALWAYS have 10% of the boilts left over after you have the
car back together

When you go to eat somewhere, you sit so you can see your car in the
parking lot through the window.

when you open the hatch after a long rain and your spare well is full of water

You know you're an MK3 owner when you blow the doors off a car less
than half your MK3's age and worth more than double... go to put your passenger side window down and it doesnt work look at your speedometer and remember you cant b/c its broken have more mismatched year parts on your car then stock
when...JDM TYTE can actually be cool because of awesome parts from Japan can covert washers to PSI
When...people think your cars awesome till they find out its a supra,
and not an mk4 here a loud WHOWHGOHPHHH and all of sudden your cars a convertible
When....someone says none of your gauges are working, and you just
reply calmly, "I know" come to the realization that even after you sell your mk3
and buy and mk4, you want your mk3 back
When...youd rather listen to your turbo spool and exaust roar, then
listen to your stereo even tho thats probably broken anyway
When....every time you change the oil your worried of seeing a white liquid
When....blown head gasket is more common then your coolant warning light
When.... even tho you dont have an Mk3 you read the seciton b/c mk3
owners are easier to talk to
When...someone says "That thing a turbo" and instead of replying you
rev and let the bov go off
when...rebuilding and resurfcing your head isnt a problem

.....when your machinist stops smiling about the cash you take to him
and he begins to feel sorry for you

you know your an mkIII owner when you can fix a boost leak in the time
it takes you to make a pop tart....

when you buy a video game or movie just because it has an MKIII in it...

You are a mk3 owner when you carry a piece of wire in your car to jump
T and E1!!!

when you park 7 blocks away from where you need to park at just so you
can park next to another MKIII.

people ask you what your next car will be and you just look at
them...................................................until they get

you bought a special jack just so you can get it under your car to jack it up.

you can remember when it only took you 20mins to change your oil, ya
know before the car was lowered.

you know you drive an mkIII supra when your ford buddies always talk
crap about your (much faster) car, but only when it's broken...hehe.

when v8 guys swear up and down it's not possible! (in boost we trust )

when you refer to your g/f's natural hair color as "stock"

when mis-spent money is referred to as supra parts

when 1/2 the funny stories involving your car also involve a trail of
coolant steam behind you

when you have a list of reasons why your car does this and that ready
at any point in time, because everyone wants to know if that sweet
smell inside is an air freshener or...(cracked heater core)

ur working on ur mk3 on Christmas Day instead of being sociable and
doing the family thing


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