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Re: Web server, mailing list, hardware   2001-08-02 17:04:00 <Tony Reeves>

Well that woke a few people up! I shall get a price early next week for
the Ultra ones. I expect them to be very cheap (way less than $1,000).
They will be 170 MHz 64 bit, of course (They are 4 years or so old....
When is Intel going to bring out proper hardware), 256 MB RAM and
probably 9 GB disk.

If anyone is seriously interested, email me off the list and I shall
give you a price next week.

I have one here that I am going to upgrade sometime soon, but I have a
source of cheap ones. They do make a bit more noise than a wintel box,
and use a bit more power, but running Solaris 8 they just never stop.
And there is plenty of Open Source software to run web sites, mail
lists, etc. etc.

Cully Paterson wrote:

> Win2000 is the target OS, primarily because I have to support it and I'm
> not a Unix geek.

If you can maintain a Supra, then you will probably find that Unix is no
sweat at all.


Tony Reeves
Christchurch +64 21 216 5992
New Zealand +64 3 329 5504

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