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Re: 1G Intercooler   2001-08-02 17:08:00 <tony@...>

> Hi guys,
> I've had a query from a guy overseas about the 1G stock intercooler -
> he's trying to work out whether an aftermarket 7M I/C will be a drop in
> replacement for the 1G. The question is:
> Which sides/ends are the tanks on
> Which ends do the intake/outlet come in/out (ie same side like the 7M,
> or opposite?)
> Roughly speaking, where in the nose are the mounting points for the I/C?
> Anyone got a handy digicam? ;)

The only 1G-GTE intercooler I have seen is an air-water one that sits on top of
the engine. Does the GA70 have an air-air intercooler?



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