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Shed clean out   2006-04-20 18:10:00 <Cully Paterson>
Hi guys,
Got too much stuff lying around, time to try to shift some of it:

7M head minus cams. Water channels have been welded to fix a minor
corrosion issue (dodgy earth strap caused electrolysis on one side of
head). Can be bolted right on, but valve guides should be replaced for
best effect. $100. This was the head that came off my engine, and was
happily making 400 horse.

7M Fully Counterweighted crank. Requires crankpulley keyway
welding/machining and a bearing grind. Can arrange this if you require.
This was the original crank out of my car from when I bought it. $30

7M Half Counterweight crank. Requires crankpulley keyway
welding/machining. Bearings will require a polish only. $40

1989 7M bare block. Original block from my car. Has already been
overbored to +.5, and one bore well scuffed. Only suitable for
overboring to 84mm which would require JE Pistons. $Beer.

7MGTE exhaust manifold. Studs need replacing. $10.

Pair of headlights - $30

1989 7MGTE A/T ECU. $50

5MGE Crank Scraper - $50

1UZ bell housing - $10

Pair of MA70 door glass

And either:

1987 7MGTE complete long block minus CPS, injectors, throttle body, and
idle controller. High km, is a runner but would suit rebuild. $300


Head from the above: $175
Short block from the above: $175


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