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  2001-09-25 10:19:00 <Robbi Wright>
I've been following this discussion and am interested in "upping the ante"
on my vehicle; where did you get the turbo modded and how long did it take?


The CT26 was taken to Alltech Diesel & Turbo on Wairau Rd, Glenfield , Auckland...

The conversion cost around $ turbo was stuffed and needed new everything...

Lance could have gone larger in the compressor wheel then 55mm but he said there would be compressor surge so they are the expert, Im just the pilot...

The turbo comes back after 3 days as new, stripped, beadblasted etc....with a warranty to boot..

Lance said that the turbo would be good to flow air upto 400-450 HP on the 3 litre and 350 HP on the two litre...

It generates boost 6-7 psi from 2500 rpm and then the boost jumps at 4000 to around 17psi...

On the dyno printout this is evident too ;) Veeerry steep power curve..

But yeh, if you can keep it on boost through the gears, and I is lethal. I have a single spinner diff and the car can light both tyres in 2nd gear and keep them lit for about 20 metres, and these are new 225/50's.

But so I have been told. I don't drive like that. ;)


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