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new year '09 classic jap and oldschool meet 17-01-09   2008-12-09 16:16:00 <mark>
Hey peoples
I've organised another meet dedicated to all cars jap and euro pre 1985ish as i have successfully done so the last two meets.

Cornwall Park (One Tree Hill - Auckland) around 10am onwards at the carpark opposite the BBQ area. anyone hungry can bring meat and gear as there's BBQ's nearby (gas or wood burners). should have $1 sausages available also. Theres a car-train heading out to Piha around 3.30pm ish if anyone interested in a cruise afterwards.

Saturday 17th January 10am onwards.
Its the day after BigDayOut and the Kumeu Hot Rod Show is also on this weekend

pics of previous meets can be found here. theres also a few links to forum pages with more pics.

p.s. that page shows wrong date for this event.. i will correct it when i get home.

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