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LTSA Mod Requirements   2001-11-02 11:03:00 <Tony Reeves>
Hi All,

Just been to get a wof for the Supra and while waiting read an advisory to
vehicle testers as to when a mod certificate is required.

Things of interest to us...

Engine must be of a type fitted to that model of car as standard
If engine mods give 20% or more additional power, then a cert is required (so a
good increase in boost requires a mod cert, are we going to see dynos at
testing stations....)
No mention of gearboxes so auto to manual conversion does not require mod
unless the next point comes up...
Any change to the structural strength of the chassis/body such as adding or
removing crossmembers or modifying crossmembers.
Converting a saloon to a convertible requires a cert (BIG surprise that one
Wheels must be from a known manufacturer or a cert is required
No cutting, bending or heating of springs, but they are allowed to be wired
There must be 25 mm of suspension travel before it hits the bump stops.

There is more, but they are the main points.




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