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Nulon oils & additives.   2011-06-07 11:22:00 <Stuart Trewheela>

Hey guys,
Anyone currently use or have experience with Nulon in there Supra's?
Now that Supercheap and Repco don't stock bugger all of there oils anymore if anyone has been looking for this product I can help ya.

My new little business North Harbour Auto One which I took over in
February is one of the first new re-sellers in NZ. We have the full
range as per Nulons NZ website and the only listing for their oils on
trademe such as the 15W-50 Street & Track oil which should be perfect for the 7M's or the 5W-30 Euro for the 2J's

Also got the octane booster in 4L tins which work out to be around $18-$19 per 500ML bottle if anyone's keen.


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