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Battery light will not go? Any ideas?   2013-10-11 08:34:00 <Josh>
Has any one had issues with there battery light on the dash not working. 
The car still charges but when the ignition is turned to on or acc the light will not light up? Also when my alternator died a couple of weeks ago it didn't work either. 
On the ignition side of the lamp it has 12volts from the key. The other side of the lamp has continuity to the alternator lamp wire and the plug. That side also splits off on the dash through a diode and to a earth though the voltage gauge. The bulb it self is good and have tryed several and the holder seems to be good as well? 
I have tried my spare dash and it does not work on that either. 
This one has me a bit stumped.
Also but I don't think matters I am running a 1uzfe alternator on my 2jz

Cheers Josh

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