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re: Smokey at idle   2014-06-15 13:36:00 <Michael Parker>
I have a similar level of PCV discharge to yours, however mine seems to be nearly all water vapour... (7m so lets not go guessing how water got into the crank system) you can see in the very shaky video I took.

I put my finger over the PVC discharge and got a cloud of smoke out the exhaust almost instantly, so yes PCV is important, I have a crappy cheap catch cannot recirculated back to the intake, it used to have a filter but I found that they block up pretty quickly, I tied in a boost gauge to the PVC line at one point and took it for a drive and measured a couple of psi, enough to make visable smoke out the exhuast. Since then I ditched the filter and just leave it open. Not ideal and probably not doing anything but at least it is not restrictive.

In the video below you can see the water vapour condensing on the bodywork and no oil on the kitchen paper. The engine is up to temp, and the boost gauge at the end is connected to the radiator showing that there are no wild water pressures going on.

re: Smokey at idle   2014-06-15 13:43:00 <Michael Parker>
dman it, I can never get my replies to stay in the string!

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