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Re: [ASSP] Re: oil drain for turbo   2015-02-04 20:54:00 <Suzy W>
Buahha epic bump

Hey Cully

Guess what

You were right...

Guess what my turbo is doing :p Turbo is still in good nick but the rings
are leaking :p

*open opportunity here for "I told you so"*

Oh btw, did you actually ever get your car going? :p

On Fri, Feb 9, 2007 at 7:33 PM, Cully Paterson <> wrote:

> Don't stress things too much Suze. You've got a reasonable amount of
> wiggle room there to straighten the core and re-route the hose. Looking at
> the photos you've got about 2 to 3 times the clearance with your hose
> fittings that I do on the GT30!
> Perhaps things would have been better if the manifold design had been a
> little more forward thinking :-\
> Cully
> ------------------------------
> *From:* suprra girl []
> *Sent:* Friday, 9 February 2007 7:28 p.m.
> *To:* Supra Club of NZ Mailing List
> *Subject:* [ASSP] Re: [sconz] oil drain for turbo
> oh man...
> CHRIS!!! i will kill you
> lol
> Chris made me get -12 lines for the drain but it seems that it's just not
> really that possible to get it plumbed up :(
> the flange with a -12 fitting then the hose end fittings on it again stop
> the core from being vertical
> soooooooo... i'm gonna make chris give me/find me/make me a metal flanged
> drain pipe, which from there i will get a bend welded on to which ever
> angle thats gonna be needed
> If i change the drain to -10 that means i've also gotta change all my
> flanges for the feed to -3 as currently they're -4 and i don't think a -10
> will drain the oil quick enough, i think even if i changed to -10 i would
> still have the fitting issue
> *pretty much ready to scream* hahah
> so yea... i think i'm gonna go a full metal flanged drain pipe, the angle
> the turbo sits on my manifold the fittings get in the way of the t4 flange
> which is what stops it going vertical. Maybe i need a fresh mind to come
> look at it for me... and solve it hahah
> Thanks for your help Cully, much appreciated ;)
> --
> Cheers
> Suze
> 7M POWAH! ;)
> On 2/9/07, Cully Paterson <> wrote:
>> > k sooooooooo...
>> > as long as i have the core pretty much 12/6 o clock then no
>> > matter how i have my drain (as long as i have it going to the
>> > block of course) it will drain?
>> > so excuse my terrible picture hahah
>> > but would this work alrite?
>> >
>> Well, not entirely. You still need to have a reasonable fall over the
>> entire length of the hose, not just total fall.
>> Essentially you need to do two things:
>> 1. Make sure that the oil can drain freely from the core out into the
>> drain with no back-pressure created.
>> 2. Make sure that the hose drains freely into the sump without creating
>> any situation that it would back up and effectively cause a blockage
>> further up the hose. Say, in an hypothetical example, you looped the
>> hose below the level of the oil in the sump before it joined the sump:
>> the oil would try to run back into the hose. The oil from the turbo
>> would push the liquid below it through into the sump, but in doing so
>> would cause the level in the hose to creep back up towards the turbo as
>> more weight of oil would be required to push it all through. Backlog =
>> back pressure = potential damage.
>> I'm sure I could have said that better in less words. Never mind.
>> > and if the hose doesn't matter... being curled around and
>> > semi straight.
>> Straighter the better, but you don't have to get too silly about it.
>> > I'll have the 45deg fitting on the bottom (which still is a
>> > down of sorts lol) of the turbo but facing towards the front
>> > of the car with the hose coming off it. In which case i only
>> > have to buy a new hose :)
>> Remember to check that the hose will clear the compressor cover if you
>> point it further forward :)
>> Cully
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7M POWAH! ;)

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