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Selling my welder - TIG 200P and a Cifes 140 MIG   2015-09-30 19:52:00 <Hunt M>
Pick up North Shore
Offers over $1000

TIG-200P Tig welder - very little use!

Has high frequency start for welding aluminium.

• Inverter Technology
• AC/DC Tig (AC/DC tungsten inert gas welding)
• HF Tig Function (provides easy arc start, prevents tungsten damage)
• 2/4T Trigger Function
• AC Square Wave with Adjustable AC Balance Control
• Adjustable pre-flow time 0-1 sec
• Adjustable Pulse Control - 0.5 - 300Hz
• Adjustable Base Current 20-90%
• Adjustable Down Slope 0-10 sec
• Adjustable Post Gas 0-10 sec
• MMA (stick electrode)
• Hot start (improves electrode starting)
• Arc Force (boosts current to prevent electrode extinguishing)
• Remote pedal control

Cifes 140 MIG welder - has had a decent amount of use but works really

• Adjustable wire speed setting
• 4 different power levels MIN 1/2 - MAX 1/2

TIG has adjustable regulator with flow gauge

MIG has adjustable regulator but the gauges don't work

Comes with trolley that I made from mild steal with locking castors. Has 4
tubes on the side to hold filler rods and 2 angle grinders which are

5x2.5mm stainless filler rod
5x2.5mm aluminium filler rod
4x1.5mm aluminium filler rod

Comes with the following tungsten electrodes:
2x1.6mm white tipped
1x2.4mm grey tipped
2x2.4mm red tipped
1x2.4mm white tipped

A couple of extra collect cups.

And a spool of 0.8mm stainless MIG wire and some sort of regular mild steel
MIG wire.

Also comes with 2 welding helmets - one a regular one with a flip down
visor and the other is auto darkening which is very nice to use!

Does not come with gas bottles as they're hired from Supagas.

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