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Re: 7M: Half or Full balanced crank?   2001-08-02 16:20:00 <tony@...>

Hi Guys,

When I took the sump off my 7M-GTE to put the 5M sump on so it would fit in my
MKII I found a full set of balance weights too. I noticed them because they
got in the way of some of the work that I had to do, such as drilling a new
stick hole. No way did it only have counter weights on every second journal.

As far as I know the bottom end of my motor is stock and it is not a
particularly late one (1988 plug leads).



> Hi guys,
> Everything that I've read and seen has led me to believe that the 7M has a
> half balanced crank - ie counterweights on every second journal. This was
> certainly true for my friends engine that we have stripped down pictures of,
> and the diagrams in the Toyota engine manual, and the cutaway photo in the
> Toyota Engine Technology book.
> So last night I find my engine has a fully balanced crank. ?!?!?!?
> I was pulling the bottom end out of the engine in preparation to get block
> machined, and I find a fully balanced crank, with very odd rough machining
> marks on the balance weights, and no visible Toyota part numbers.
> So the question is: was there ever a fully balanced crank that was native to
> the 7M? If not, who produced one? (TRD?) Or has someone done something
> nasty like cut down a JZ crank?
> Cheers
> Cully
> ---
> 89T/T04E, currently BHG'd again in Auckland, New Zealand.
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