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digital dash mods..   2001-08-02 16:12:00 <Stuart Woolford [stuartw@...>
Supra Club of New Zealand -

Well, I've just taken apart the left hand side digital dash display module
(the one with oil, boost, tems, warnings on it) and had a look at the
electronics setup. It's got an 8049 microprocessor on it, and a couple of
nipon-denso custom chips.

The interesting part is 4 passive components labeled J1 J2 J4 J5 which are
positions for jumpers (look a bit like normal low-power resistors), only
two of these are installed (J1 and J5) - these look like they control
features, one of the pair definately sets the position of the thin lit
line on either the third or fifth major line up on the boost display, the
other pair go directly to the ECU, so are probable some digital feature
change (possible tems or oil pressure scaling, something like that..)

it's damb hard to get the display unit off the board to get to the
jumpers, so I would not recomend anyone start cutrting up their dash, but
this is an interesting pointer, it means that with some carefull work we
MAY be able to unlock >180kph display, or possibly make the dash read in
MPH (which would technically be illegal, BTW..)

what I need now is the other main module from a digital dash ie: the
speedo one, preferably (almost essentially) a disposable one..


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