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Re: digital dash mods..   2001-08-02 16:12:00 <Shane Plummer [splummer@...>
Supra Club of New Zealand -

The Dash board is multi -mode that is it should have jumpers for


I can get my hand on two dashes and will have a play on the spare supra
arriving in three weeks.

> Well, I've just taken apart the left hand side digital dash display module
> (the one with oil, boost, tems, warnings on it) and had a look at the
> electronics setup. It's got an 8049 microprocessor on it, and a couple of
> nipon-denso custom chips.
> The interesting part is 4 passive components labeled J1 J2 J4 J5 which are
> positions for jumpers (look a bit like normal low-power resistors), only
> two of these are installed (J1 and J5) - these look like they control
> features, one of the pair definately sets the position of the thin lit
> line on either the third or fifth major line up on the boost display, the
> other pair go directly to the ECU, so are probable some digital feature
> change (possible tems or oil pressure scaling, something like that..)

> it's damb hard to get the display unit off the board to get to the
> jumpers, so I would not recomend anyone start cutrting up their dash, but
> this is an interesting pointer, it means that with some carefull work we
> MAY be able to unlock >180kph display, or possibly make the dash read in
> MPH (which would technically be illegal, BTW..)
> what I need now is the other main module from a digital dash ie: the
> speedo one, preferably (almost essentially) a disposable one..
> Stuart.
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