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Boost vs Advance   2001-08-02 16:22:00 <tony@...>

Hi All,

I have been doing some work on my 7M-GTE to extract max power. My objectives
are to hold maximum ignition advance at 15 psi boost. So far I can keep to 15
degrees advance without detonation by using a custom air to water intercooler
and water injection after the intercooler.

Is any one else working down this route and can contribute? Any one want
details of what I have put together? My water injection is based on a toyota
fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and a 1G-GTE cold start injector which flows
at 125 ml/min constant. It comes on at 10 psi boost. I am planning to add
another to come on at a slightly higher boost and over 4500 rpm.

At the moment I have no detonation under any conditions but I would like to go
to 20 degrees of advance.



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