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Re: 1GGTE times   2001-08-02 16:22:00 <tony@...>

> Supra Club of New Zealand -
> Does anyone know the performance specs for the 1GGTE
> e.g. hp, 0-100, 400m?

Power is 185-210 HP, depending on age and config. 0-100 and 400m times will
depend on the car and transmission.

> Would the 0-100 time be quicker in a manual or auto?

Manual if the driver, transmission and conditions are right.

> On another note, What defines a widebody? Is it only the front guards or
> the rear as well.
> Do you recommend W55 or W58 gearbox?

W58 ratios better suit higher performance of Supras and high performance 6's.
W55 was mainly used in 4's. You may also find it hard to find a W55 with
gearshift extension housing to fit in a Supra. But you could exchange the
extension from the right W58 if you really want the W55 ratios.

BTW I have a 1G-GTE manual engine in bad condition (after near sieze), near
complete, that I will give away, whole or in bits, to a good home. Located in
Wellington but I travel to Christchurch a lot.



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